Use of Scleral Lenses in the Visual Rehabilitation of Keratoconus: A Case Series

Obinwanne C. J 1

1. Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens Unit, De Lens Ophthalmics Family Eye and Vision Care Centre, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria
Corresponding Author: Obinwanne Chukwuemeka Junior; E-mail:; Phone no: +234 8069657855


Introduction: Scleral lenses also known as scleral contact lenses are rigid gas permeable contact lenses that rest entirely on the sclera without touching the cornea. This unique feature of scleral lenses makes it ideal in the management of complex corneal and ocular surface irregularity.

Purpose: To report the indications, use and fitting of Europa scleral lenses for the visual rehabilitation of two patients with Keratoconus in a speciality contact lens practice in Abuja, Nigeria.

Case Reports: We report the cases of two female patients of Nigerian descent diagnosed with Keratoconus who were managed previously with other modalities of contact lenses but presented with unsatisfactory vision and discomfort with their habitual correction. The patients experienced vision fluctuation and discomfort with their lenses. They were diagnosed with contact lens-induced papillary conjunctivitis (Case1) and contact lens-induced ocular surface disease (Case2) and uncorrected irregular astigmatism secondary to keratoconus (both cases). Following the management of the ocular surface disease, both patients were fit into Europa scleral contact lenses which provided excellent vision and comfort to the patients.

Conclusion: Scleral lenses are indicated in the management of complex corneal and ocular surface irregularities. These lenses vault the cornea and provide crisp vision expected of a rigid contact lens as well as comfort comparable to a soft lens.

Keywords: Scleral contact lenses, Keratoconus, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, Ocular Surface disease.

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