Transient Refractive Changes In A Newly Diagnosed Diabetic-ACase Report

Ebegbe, J. A.and Osaiyuwu, A. B.


Hyperglycemia is the most frequently observed sign of diabetes and is considered the etiologic source of diabetes complication both in the body and in the eye. Changes in refraction are very common in diabetic patients and sometimes, it could be the first sign to the existence of the condition. Transient hyperopic changes are highly dependent on the magnitude of plasma glucose concentrations and rapid correction of hyperglycemia is strictly correlated with complete recovery of refraction. To account for this phenomenon, the sorbitol production via the polyol pathway with over hydration of the lens has been considered, as well as a change in the refractive index of the lens. Refractive corrections or alterations are to be discouraged until plasma glucose levels have normalized.

Keywords: Diabetes, hyperglycemia, refractive changes, hyperopia, Obesity.

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