The pattern of Refractive Anomalies of Refractive in Warri Metropolis, Delta Stae of Nigeria

Kio, F. E. and Osita-Emina


A cross-sectional prevalent study of refractive errors conducted in Warri, a metropolitan town in delta state of Nigeria revealed peculiar prevalent rates. One thousand and eighteen eyes of 6 to 64-year-olds were screened for refractive anomalies and 752 (73.9%) eyes (369 male and 383 female eyes) were found with refractive errors. The distribution showed that 141 (38.2%) female eyes and141 (36.8%)female eyes were myopic and 242 (63.2%) female eyes and 228 (61.8%)male eyes were hyperopic. Hyperopic was found to increase with age in both sexes. While myopia increased with age initially but decreased later at older age groups. Hyperopia and myopia were statistically not independent of age (P>0.01). Presbyopia was observed in 271 (36.0%) eyes out of which 173 (63.8%) were male eyes and 98 (36.2%) female eyes. Of the presbyopic eyes, 35 (20.2%) were found in the age group 25-34 years comprising 14 female and 21 male eyes. About 75% of those with refractive errors fell within ±0.25D to ±1.00D error range. The prevalence of error found in this study indicates the need to upgrade the visual health services offered in Warri, in order to cope with higher demands expected from WHO vision2020 programme.

Keywords: Urine, Zone of inhibition, Ocular disease.

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