The Level Of Contact Lens Practice In Port Harcourt, Rivers State Of Nigeria.

Amaechi, O. U. and Nwokeocha, E.


The level of contact lens practice in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria was investigated. The instruments of research were fieldwork/direct observation, oral interviews of eye care practitioners, and the assessment of clinical records of the contact lens patients from 2003 to 2006. Thirty-five eye care practices were studied. The level of contact lens practice was assessed based on the number of clinics offering contact lens services, the number of eye care practitioners involved in contact lens services, the availability of essential instruments required for contact lens care, the percentage of patients prescribed contact lenses and the annual contact lens patient flow in those clinics. Results showed that eleven (31.43%) of the eye care practices offer contact lens services, and seventeen (36.96%) eye care practitioners were involved in contact lens services. The level of contact lens practice based on the availability of retinoscope, trial case, and diagnostic contact lenses was very high (100.00%), and it was also high based on the availability of slit lamp biomicroscope 72.73%) and keratometer (63.64%). The percentage of patients corrected with contact lenses was very low (7.60%). The annual contact lens patient flow increased from 244 in 2003 to 345 in 2006 (a 41.40% increase) Enthusiasm on the part of the eye care practitioners in contact lens practice and creating the proper awareness would boost the level of contact lens practice.

Keywords: Contact lenses, contact lens practice, keratometer, refractive correction, slit lamp biomicroscope.

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