Prevalence Of Visual Disorders In Deaf Children In Benin City

Osaiyuwu, A. B. And Ebeigbe, J. A.


The most developed and most important of the special senses of the body is the sense of sight and hearing, both of which are predisposed to gradual impairment in the absence of the other. It has been shown that the occurrence of either visual impairment and deafness or hearing loss existing independently or co-existing have potential complications in the physical well-being of an individual child. Of the 86 students examined in this research, 34(39.53%) were males while 52(60.47%) were females. However, 63(73.26%) subjects of the total population studied had visual disorders. The Pearson Correlation coefficient result of -0.77 showed a negative association in the distribution between age and visual disorders. It is thus advocated that prompt attention and treatment be paid to visual abnormalities in the hearing impaired child at an early age.

Keywords: Hearing impairment, visual disorders, cataract, ocular deviations, childhood diseases.

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