Presbyopic content of a community-based Eyecare Programme in Imo State, Nigeria.

Ikonne E. U., Amaechi O. U. And Uzodike E. B.


A community-based eye care programme was carried out in Ikeduru Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State, Nigeria. This LGA has an estimated population of 150,000. Ocular examinations were carried out on 16,783 (11.19% of the total population) mixed population that cut across different ages. The presbyopic content was 7,133 (42.50%). There was a higher prevalence of presbyopia with increasing age, especially between 45-54 years. More females (55.56%) had presbyopia than males (44.44%). By extrapolation, the prevalence of presbyopia in the Nigeria populace is placed at 425,000 per million population. This information provides data for eye care planners in Nigeria.

Keywords: Presbyopia, Accommodative amplitude, Community-based eye care, Prevalence, Extrapolation.

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