Oculovisual problems in Alayi community Ofabia State, Nigeria

Ahuama, O.C.


Five hundred and eight seven subjects aged between 18 and 73 made up of 229 males and 358 females were seen during a community outreach clinic exercise carried out by the Department of Optometry, Abia State University Uturu. A battery of optometric tests such as case history, Snellen’s visual acuity tests, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry and penlight was carried out. Data analysis showed that 192 (32.71%) subjects of the total number of those who presented themselves for eye examination had cataracts, 97 (16.52%) had allergic conjunctivitis. Other ocular problems discovered were refractive errors (19; 3.24%), presbyopia (69; 11.75%), glaucoma (72; 12.27%), bacterial conjunctivitis (41; 6.98%), Age-related Macular Degeneration (28; 4.77%, Low vision (28; 4.77%), eye injuries (25; 4.26%), and corneal opacities (6; 2.73). It is suggested that eye care services be made available to people in rural areas and proper awareness created on ocular protection and hygiene.

Keywords: Cataract, community outreach clinic, allergic conjunctivitis refractive error, outreach clinic.

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