Long time effect of exercise on intraocular pressure in a Nigerian population

Ajayi, O. B. and George, G. O.


Numerous international studies have indicated that several physiological changes can influence the intraocular pressure (IOP) of subjects. In order to assess visual health status through physiological changes, the effects of rest and exercise on IOP were investigated in a Nigerian community. The research involved 24 healthy normotensive subjects who were made to serve as their own control. They were subjected to exercise for 10 minutes after taken their IOP at rest for an hour. The result immediately after the
exercise showed that there was a significant decrease in the mean initial IOP(P<0.05). The decrease was relatively sustained for a period of 20 to 40 minutes. At 50 minutes after exercise, a slight increase in mean IOP was recorded but was not significant, but after 50 minutes it exceeded baseline value and then stabilized. Recovery time for initials IOP after exercise in this population sample was 50 minutes. This showed that the significant decrease in IOP after exercise could not be sustained; therefore physical exercise alone is not therapeutic in the management of ocular hypertension, Topical anti-glaucoma drugs are therefore advised as the ultimate resort for the management of ocular hypertension.

Keywords: Intraocular pressure, Exercise, Long-lasting, Normotensive, Ocular hypertension.

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