Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association: Editor’s Notes


The Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA) is an official journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA). It is an editorially independent, peer-reviewed journal that aims to promote the vision and the mission of the association through research. It also provides a platform for the advancement of the optometry practice in Nigeria and beyond.

The July edition of the journal is usually a conference edition but because of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic the conference was moved to next year.

This issue is, therefore, a special pandemic edition of the journal. In this issue, I will like to note the passing of Prof Olalekan Oduntan a member of the editorial team and Prof Frank Iwuagwu, the immediate past editor-in-chief of the journal.

Their death shocked and saddened all of us. This issue features an editorial and several articles on various areas in optometry and eye health. Dr Ozy
Okonokhua, President of the Nigerian Optometric Association graciously wrote the editorial of this 22nd edition of the journal on Reality in a pandemic.

In this issue, Ojo et al, compared spectral transmission of right and left porcine crystalline lens with an increase in post-mortem interval at room temperature.

The prevalence of refractive errors and intention to use prescription glasses regularly among secondary school students in Ogijo Community, Ogun State, Nigeria was conducted by Osayamwem and Amosu, while Aham-onyebuchi and Atulomah analysed the psycho-cognitive predictors of eye healthcare-seeking behaviours among secondary school students in South-West Nigeria.

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