In-Vitro Sensitivity Patterns of Ocular MicrobialmIsolates to Human Urine Therapy

Osita-Emina, N. M. and Uduise, I. B.


The in-vitro sensitivity test carried out with urine as an antimicrobial agent showed that it fell short of the expectation. The maximum margin over WHO standard of 0.7cm inhibition zone was 0.2cm, and the minimum was zero. The mean value for urine zone of inhibition was 0.63cm, SD ±0.018, 0.07cm below the expected standard for chemotherapeutic use. In spite of this, the use of urine therapy for ocular diseases is socially unacceptable. Fifty (50) samples of urine were obtained for the study, but only 3 were
free from various abnormalities. Therefore, the use of urine for the treatment of ocular diseases should be discouraged and condemned.

Keywords: Urine, Zone of inhibition, Ocular disease.

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