Glaucoma – A Disease of Multiple Pressures: New Glaucoma Pressures Discovered

Dr. Ebisike Philips Ifeanyichukwu and Dr. Nkwocha Austine Akodinobi


Purpose: Glaucoma was defined as an eye disease of characteristic structural change of optic nerves and specific visual field change caused by increased intraocular pressure (IOP). It is well-recognized as a pressure-related disease.

Although many traditional theories have been brought up to explain the mechanism of glaucomatous optic nerve damage, such as mechanical theory and vascular theory, none of them succeeded in revealing the whole truth about the pathogenesis of glaucoma.

For example, some glaucoma patients’ IOP is in the normal range (normal-tension glaucoma NTG), while some have long-term IOP higher than the normal range (ocular hypertension) with no pathological changes of the optic nerves.

Also, there are some glaucoma patients who still have IOP controlled to normal range with drugs or surgeries, yet they have impaired optic nerves with gradually worsening vision. Additionally, some patients with diseases of the nervous system also have glaucoma at the same time. Considering these aforementioned dilemmas, can we still believe that IOP is the only pressure related to glaucoma disease?

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