Epidemiology of Eye Diseases among Timber Workers in Owerri, Nigeria

Esenwa, E.C.


An epidemiological study oftheTimberIndustry in Owerri, Nigeria was carried out. It assessed the burden of eye diseases among Timber workers in terms of magnitude, causes and time. Certain eye diseases, notably, conjunctivitis, foreign bodies/injuries/traumas, pterygia, pinguecula and uveitis, each, accounting for 39.52%, 31.10%, 12.53%, 7.34% and 2.16% respectively, were found among the workers. The workers who have spent close to 16 -20 years in the industry recorded the highest prevalence (21.92%) of the eye diseases, while those who have spent about 1 5 years recorded the least prevalence of 4.57%. The working environment was unsanitary and no worker wore any protective goggle. These two latter factors are believed to have contributed to the prevalence of these eye diseases among the workers.

Keywords: Timber workers, eye diseases, work environment, prevalence, environmental, pollutants.

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