Effect of Dennettia Tripetela (MMIMI) Seed intake on the IOP of Normotensive Emmetropic Nigerian Igbos

Timothy, C. O. And Okere C.O.


Dennetia Tripetala (mmimi) is a well-known forest fruit from the family Annonaceae and spicy indigenous plant and has been found to contain lots of minerals, vitamins, alkaloids and trace elements which are of medicinal importance. The study was aimed at investigating the effect of on the intraocular pressure of normotensive emmetropic Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. Forty volunteers(mean age 23.36± 3.60 years) were used for the study. The 10P of each subject was measured pre and post ingestion of 0.75g of seed at 30mins interval for 120 minutes. The findings showed a peak reduction of IOP after 60mins (11.20mmHg, representing 25.64% reduction) of consumption and increased towards baseline (15.6mmhg). Results also showed a slight reduction of IOP at the 90mins (12.96mmHg induced value) and 120mins (14.40mmHg induced value) post-ingestion. The peak effect of D.Tripetala was found to be statistically significant(p>0.05). It is recommended that intake of seed be encouraged especially among glaucomatous individuals.

Keywords: Dennetia Tripetala, flavonoids, oleoresins, intraocular pressure, glaucomas

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