Effect Of 0.5% Glucose Intake On The Tear Production Of Normoglycemic Emmetropic Nigerians

Timothy, C.O.


Glucose, the primary source of energy for the body’s cell metabolism is used up by the body via the activities of insulin that breaks down the glucose into glycogens which is stored up in cells. 0.5% glucose was administered to 50 normoglycemic subjects without fundal or vascular pathology of both sexes with a mean age of 22.27±2.70 years, to determine its effect on tear production. The induced effects were checked at 30minsinterval until the values approximated the normal. The results showed a slight decrease in tear production after 30mins (-1.74mm representing 6.5%). A further decrease was noticed at 60mins-5.32mm (19.78%) and peak decrease was observed at 90mins(-7.66mm representing 28.4 8%. It slowly increased towards baseline at 120mins (-5.82mm representing 21.64%), and 150mins (-3.92mm, representing14.57%). This effect was significant (p>0.05) using Z-test statistical analysis. The reduction was observed to be more significant in females than in males probably due to hormonal differences. An exhaustive case history is advocated on patients who report for eye care immediately after feeding on heavy carbohydrate diet at least for the first 90mins as this may reduce tear production leading to apparent dry eye in order to guard against misdiagnosis.

Keywords: Glucose, hyperglycemia, fasting blood sugar, tear production, dry eye syndrome.

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