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Dr. Bernadine Nsa Ekpenyong

The Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA) is an official journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA). It is a peer-reviewed international journal that aims to promote the vision and the mission of the association as well as provide a platform for the advancement of the Optometry practice in Nigeria and beyond. This edition of the JNOA is the second special edition as the NOA celebrates its 50 years as an association.

In this edition, we present a ‘must read’ special editorial by an erudite scholar, Professor E. U Ikonne, on appropriate technologies for health and disease: an innovative approach to drive sustainable health care delivery. Also to be found in this special edition are original research articles in Optometry and eye health. These research papers were put together by a coterie of experts in various aspects and sub-specialities in Optometry and vision sciences.

Nwokedi et al presented the results of their research on the prevalence of refractive error among children with Down syndrome; they found hyperopic astigmatism to be the most prevalent refractive error. Another research by Darko-Takyi et al reported a high prevalence of accommodative anomalies among symptomatic school children.

Qualitative research by Okoye et al focused on the relevance of culturally-appropriate approaches in health promotion: a look at Igbo philosophies in dealing with eye care challenges in Nigeria. Two experimental studies are presented in this edition, one of them was conducted by Ajayi, and Atuanya.

It focused on the effect of x-rays on the electrolyte concentration of bovine aqueous and vitreous humour while George et al determined the effect of Moringa Oleifera leaf aqueous extract on intraocular and blood pressure of normotensive adults in Edo State, Nigeria. Azuamah et al assessed the foveal and extra-foveal photo stress recovery time in primary open-angle glaucoma. They recommended that photo stress recovery test be included in the routine eye examination of patients.

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