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Dr. Bernadine Nsa Ekpenyong

The Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA) is the official journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA). It is a peer-reviewed international journal that aims to promote the vision and mission of the association as well as provide a platform for the advancement of optometry practice in Nigeria and beyond.

The editorial of this 21st edition of the journal captured one of the sub-themes of the NOA 43rd AGM/conference, Calabar 2019, conducting evidence-based research, by Prof E. Ekanem and Dr Bernadine Ekpenyong. In addition, the journal features well researched original articles on various sub-specialties in optometry and eye health.

Kyei et al presented intriguing results from their study aimed at determining clinically important microbial contaminants of topical ocular anaesthetic medications used in eye centres in Ghana. A systematic review of literature on the elaborate structure of vision rehabilitation in Nigeria by Okoye and Kanu titled ‘Insight into the Explored and the Unexplored Aspects of Vision Rehabilitation in Nigeria’ is also featured in the journal.

Ezinne et al presented findings of their paper ‘Contact lens prescribing patterns in Abuja, Nigeria’. ‘A Case Series on the Use of Scleral Lenses in the Visual Rehabilitation of Keratoconus’ written by Obinwanne explores the employment of scleral lenses for the treatment of Keratoconus.

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