Comparative Analysis of the efficacy of Allium Savitum (Garlic) and Erythromycin on Streptococcus Pyogenes

Uzodike, E. B. And Ogbonna, O. U.


Comparative efficacy of garlic and erythromycin on was carried out in vitro using agar-well diffusion technique. The used were isolated from the conjunctiva of infected patients that visited Abia State University, Optometry clinic. The isolated microorganisms were identified and characterized using standard laboratory methods like gram stain, catalase test and bacitracin test. The diameter of the zone of inhibition was measured for different concentrations of garlic and erythromycin. The data collected were tabulated and analyzed using student’s t-test at 0.05 level of significance. The results of the study showed that was sensitive to both garlic and erythromycin with the latter being more efficacious. The effect of garlic on the microorganism was also found to be concentration-dependent. The minimum inhibitory concentration was found to be 31.25mg/ml. The antibacterial activity of garlic could be used as a preventative measure rather than curative in the management of microorganisms like streptococcus pyogenes

Keywords: streptococcus pyogenes erythromycin, agar-well diffusion, technique, minimum inhibitory concentration.

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