An Insight into the Explored and the Unexplored Aspects of Vision Rehabilitation in Nigeria: A Systematic Review of Literature

Okonji P.E.1*, Kanu L.T.2

1. Research and Innovation Office, University of Lagos, 101017 University Road Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.
2. Leightons Opticians and Hearing care, Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom.


Purpose: To determine contact lens prescribing patterns among optometrists in Abuja, Nigeria.

Methods: One hundred and twenty registered optometrists were randomly selected from practices in Abuja and were surveyed about contact lenses prescribing patterns in their practices from January to December 2016. Demographic data for each patient prescribed with contact lenses were taken. In addition, data relating to lens type, design replacement methods and the care regime advised to each patient were recorded. The data collected were analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

Results: The optometrists that participated were 38% males and 62% females. A total of 321 contact lens were fitted among patients aged 15 to 55 years with a mean age of 27.3 ± 6.6 years by the optometrists. Two hundred and ninety-two (91%) patients were females and 29 (9%) were males. A good number of the patients (86.6%) were between 20 to 40 years and most (91.8%) contact lenses prescribed were daily wear. Conventional soft contact lenses (96.9%) and 3-month replacement modality (70%) were the most prescribed contact lens and modality of wear respectively. A majority (78.4%) of the contact lenses prescribed were spherical contact lenses and a good number (62.5%) were refits. Most (78.2%) contact lenses fitted were for refractive purposes. Multipurpose lens care system was the most (98.2%) prescribed lens care system.

Conclusion: This survey showed that contact lens prescribing pattern in Abuja follows the global trend of contact lens prescribing.

Keywords: Contact lens, prescribing pattern, Abuja, Nigeria

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